Emanuel Swedenborg

‘Gospod mi je dozvolio istovremeno biti u duhovnom i prirodnom svijetu, i sa anđelima razgovarati kao sa ljudima, i na taj način se upoznati sa stanjima onih koji nakon smrti prijeđu u taj do sada nepoznat svijet. Razgovarao sam sa svim svojim rođacima i prijateljima, također sa kraljevima, vojvodama, i učenim ljudima nakon njihovog odlaska iz ovog života, i to neprestano u trajanju od dvadeset i sedam godina. Ja sam stoga u stanju, iz stvarnog iskustva, opisati stanja ljudi nakon smrti, i to onih koji su živjeli dobrim životima, kao i onih koji su živjeli opakim životima.’

Emanuel Swedenborg

‘Gospod mi je dozvolio istovremeno biti u duhovnom i prirodnom svijetu, i sa anđelima razgovarati kao sa ljudima, i na taj način se upoznati sa stanjima onih koji nakon smrti prijeđu u taj do sada nepoznat svijet. Razgovarao sam sa svim svojim rođacima i prijateljima, također sa kraljevima, vojvodama, i učenim ljudima nakon njihovog odlaska iz ovog života, i to neprestano u trajanju od dvadeset i sedam godina. Ja sam stoga u stanju, iz stvarnog iskustva, opisati stanja ljudi nakon smrti, i to onih koji su živjeli dobrim životima, kao i onih koji su živjeli opakim životima.’

Mighty to save 3

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Mighty to save – 3 (God The Creator)

‘It is also clear from our own selves that something analoguos to a kind of speech concurs to the production of every single act. For first we represent in ourselves ends and uses, and decree acts, and also in our mind provide the means; next we give tacit orders or commands, as though by speech or word; and then our spirit concurs. Thus from decrees and commands they come into corresponding actuality, that is, exist. Hence we can understand to some extent, although obscurely, what is meant by all things being made by Speech or the Word.’               E.Swedenborg ‘Word Explained – 4’

In message: 

Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 14:59:21 -0800 (PST); From: S. Y.

Subject: Re: [swedenborg] ‘The Second Coming and false prophets’

we read:

‘If there was a fair comparison and discussion in the tone described above I would not mind. But the tone has been Lorber trumps Swedenborg because he was a scribe of God receiving automatic writing. That is not a comparison and contrast ….  also, the Lorber influenced presentations of Swedenborg I have seen have been cheery-picked out of context with the systematic theology, full of mis-representations and misunderstandings of Swedenborg, as well as, attacks against anyone who does not agree that the Lorber outlook rules.’

Dear S.,

I hope that everything is all right with you, it is quite unusual that you are not active in the group (guess you are somewhere enjoying your holidays!), I am missing you in the way J.

Now, I will start our discussion with the last sentence of above selected part of your message, to wit, ‘me attacking anyone who does not agree with J. Lorber outlook rules’. I will start with very simple idea of defending the truth. I am sure that you understand the meaning of the sentence ‘defending the truth’ or ‘fighting for the truth’ (John 18:37 = ‘to bear witness unto the truth’).


As a result of your readiness to serve, your mission is being carried out conscientiously making you true workers in My vineyard. Therefore, you have been given tasks not suitable for everyone as they require a special willingness and are of extreme importance.

You shall fight for truth. Although it is most essential to preach love, as no can gain beatitude without love, spiritually enlightened people can handle the preaching ministry, even if they are not fighters. Everyone who has love can incite love. The fight for truth, however, requires special faculties: a knowledge of truth and a spirit prepared to fight for that which is right and true. In addition to these it needs an extremely strong faith in My Word, for man can only stand up for something he recognizes as the truth, where he has no doubts that it has been conveyed to him by the Eternal Truth.

To enable him to stand up for truth, he himself must be firmly convinced, and this will be so, if he leads a life of love so that My Spirit can work within him. Thus love for his fellow men must induce him to bring them truth, too, and therefore he will attack falsehood and error zealously.

Such servants I do need during the ‘final time’ on earth. This mission is so important that I shall help these servants in every way so as to prepare the field in which they are to work, that I help them in spiritual as well as material difficulties, smooth the way for them, strengthen them and urge them to more zealous spiritual activity to make their mission a success. It is hard for the light to penetrate falsehood and error. Where the field has grown weeds, good seeds cannot develop and such a field becomes useless for its owner.

Therefore, My servants must first remove the weeds from the field, which is an extremely laborious task and requires perseverance and strength.

Where falsehood and error have settled in human hearts the cleansing work will have to be carried out relentlessly. The representative of truth must unceasingly expose everything that is contrary to pure truth; therefore he must himself possess that which he wants to bring to his fellow men. He must not present the product of his own thinking, unless My Spirit enlightens him. A wonderful Working of My Spirit within him shall give him the assurance to fight courageously against error and falsehood.

And he will know without doubt  where there is error and falsehood. He will oppose it with pure truth and not allow himself to be disconcerted by opposition, hostility or persecution. He will fight with the sword of the tongue, boldly and fully convinced that he is right. I need such servants on earth who fear no one and serve their master devotedly. I need people with a strong faith and a firm will, with an absolute honesty and capacity to recognize great spiritual need. Wherever I find such servants I prepare them by conveying the truth to them, making them acquainted with their mission. I educate them to become fearless advocates. I enlighten their spirit so that they may clearly recognize where and when they have to set to work, where and when they will be facing falsehood and error that they might publicly (¡!) denounce them.

Not every worker in My vineyard is fit to this task because the opposition has already grown too strong; many people feel happy in falsehood, which allows them a comfortable life, whilst pure truth demands self-denial, which is often unpalatable. Knowing this, My servant must relentlessly reveal the consequences of false doctrines erroneous thinking (¡!!), and he must not be afraid to tell the truth to the faces of the exponents of error (¡!!)…. for a good seed can be sown and ripen only after the field has been cleared of weeds which are useless and which must be relentlessly destroyed.

Truth will and must force its way and, therefore, I shall bless every supporter of truth and sustain his work for Me and My Kingdom, and I shall smooth his earthly way, so that, without hindrance, he can perform the task for which I have chosen him. AMEN    Lord Jesus Christ Jehovah, direct message to Bertha Dudde, dated 5335, March 12, 1952

According to my knowledge of the Word (you do remember, I hope, that my text ‘Mighty to save – 1’ points to some very notice worthy places from the Word which are contrary to Swedenborg’s wrong idea about souls who are eternally lost in hell, as for example Matthew 18:14; actually, my dear S., there is no Lorber’s quotations there, moreover, not even his name is mentioned in that text which even by the virtue of its title, which is taken from Isaiah 63:1, testifies that Word of God was basis of its existence; as to the other accusation, namely, the one about ‘cheery picked ideas’, this cannot stand at all, if for no other reason than because at least half of the members were aware of this ‘problem’, some of them even confessed that they themselves struggle with it for years; what they all missed is solution, but now when solution is presented they are blind to see it; furthermore, you too had a clear standpoint about that issue, which tells me that my ‘cherry picking’ of Swedenborg’s idea wasn’t to ‘cherry’ at all!!) and according to my perceptions E.Swedenborg made one very serious mistake (there are others, for example one about ‘dead sun’ and ‘dead matter’, they are of course not dead at all but only seemingly dead, and there is life in them but judged life or life in judged state, but this one, one about ‘eternal damnation’, is very serious and with serious consequences) while making his conclusions and that, again in accordance with my perceptions, has a very very serious consequences for believers of up-growing New Jerusalem Church (= descending of the Kingdom of God unto the Earth = read D.’s letter to this group and my answer to her named ‘Word about Faith that was lost’). 

As already stated, my intention was/is not to ‘destroy E.Swedenborg’, Lord knows how much I respect and love that man, my intention was/is to ‘expose and destroy untruth’, spirit which is upon me orders me to do that, to wit, ‘to seek what is lost’ (Luke 19:10) and ‘to heal what is sick’ (Mark 2:17).

Pause for a while and ask yourself what you normally do when you have pain in one of your teeth’s?! Are you chilling and relaxing like nothing is going on, to wit, are you resting in glory because you have other 29 of them healthy, or you maybe thinking all the time just about that one which is not healthy?! Same with rest of your body, if any part of it is ill, you feel like your complete body is ill, and what you want to do first is to heal that part because without it there is no peace and no rest for your soul. That is universal law and Lord teaches about it in His revelation called ‘Earth and Moon – 57’:

‘It is not the purpose of angelic spirits and of human beings to cleanse and care for Heaven, but only that which was, from time immemorial, unclean. That is why it is much more important to know the place of filth more thoroughly than the place of cleanliness. Only the place of filth must be cleansed; when it is clean, Heaven will make its appearance on its own.

It would be absolutely foolish if you were to ask someone constantly to point out and praise only his good characteristics, and never to think about his bad characteristics, nor to exercise self‑criticism. Goodness does not require praise, because it stands out by itself. But it is absolutely necessary that every human being go after his evil thoughts and desires, and work to eliminate them. It is much better if you say, “Lord, be lenient and merciful with me, a miserable sinner!” than to say, “Lord, I thank Thee that I am not like other people, such as the customs officials and all the other sinners!”

Judge for yourself which is the more important of the two: to know the ground you walk on, or to know the firmament on which no one has yet hurt himself. The ground carries us; therefore you must know how firm it is, whether there be chasms, and how you may avoid them. Whosoever wants to avoid evil must know it first; otherwise, he remains an immature child. That is why it is very important to explore evil thoroughly, so that each may easily recognize it within himself.’      As revealed through His prophet and scribe J.Lorber

I hope that now you will understand what moves me to ‘expose and remove’ that which is in my opinion ‘unhealthy’ in the mouth (= doctrine) of the Divine Man (and I am talking here as one of the members of that body, Christ’s body). Following that impulse I will take you today on another ‘tour’, this time we will ‘travel’ back to the very ‘beginning’ of Creation, yeah, on our ‘little trip’ we will, so to speak, enter into the mind of the God the Creator.

E.Swedenborg was well aware that we, as natural beings, while living in the world, cannot form any spiritual idea without attaching to it some material form (‘The fact that a person does not receive anything of which he cannot form some idea from his rational thought may be seen from the ideas which a person entertains regarding Divine arcana. The latter always have some idea attached to them that is derived from worldly objects or things analogous to worldly objects by which they are retained in the memory and reproduced in thought. For without ideas derived from worldly objects a person is unable to engage in thought.’ E.Swedenborg ‘Arcana Caelestia – 2520’), moreover, material itself serves that purpose, to wit, by the law of the correspondences and analogies, material forms are so to speak ‘effigies’ of spiritual things and we are compelled to use them on our way to understand and approach to those ‘higher’ realities.

Word of God too is based on the very same principle and moreover, E.Swedenborg used this very same logic when he was explaining necessity of Human Divine of our Lord as ‘the door’ or ‘only passage’ toward the invisible Father.

From this we can conclude that we have a full right to use ‘our own’ process of ‘creating of our world’ in imagining and fairly judging the process and method by which our Father, Jehovah God, created universe and everything in it including us. I believe that we, as His images, as His perfect replicas (E.Swedenborg ‘Arcana Caelestia – 472’), have a full right to do so J.

Now lets see HOW in reality ‘Creation’ issued and WHAT is ‘Creation’ in ALL truth. Following text is taken from revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ Jehovah through His prophet and scribe Jakob Lorber, as written in his book ‘Earth and Moon, Moon – 6’ (‘fairly comparison’ here would be I believe ‘True Christian Religion – 224’)?

‘Imagine the period in endless space when no other being besides Me had an existence, either material or spiritual. Out of what, then, did infinite space consist, and whither did the time flow in which this space had existed for eternity? What was My Existence before all existence, and how did all existence come forth out of this One Existence? What is this so‑called space? What is the prime existence of Myself? And what is the temporary existence in the infinite space within Me, out of Me, and beside Me? Behold, how extremely difficult these questions seem to you for a satisfactory reply, but they are easy to answer when you consider what is to be explained.

A small example will elucidate these questions. Let us suppose that one of you harbored a certain thought for a long time, and, because this thought was pleasing, another thought joined this fundamental thought. If this fundamental thought could not be realized, then the second thought soon finds a possibility. But, for the realization of the idea, a third thought is required, which is already contained in the first two thoughts. And this thought consists of nothing else but the “how.”

Behold, these three questions were posed, and one answered the other. But this does not settle the whole issue. That is why these three main thoughts had a meeting and they questioned one another, because of the very important “why.”

And, after a short deliberation, the first fundamental thought said: “Because it is something that completely resembles Me!” Then the second thought said: “The reason why it can be implemented is because the first thought is not in contradiction with itself.” And the third thought said: “Because within the cause which wants to manifest itself lies the main means for the realization. And the reason for that is because the thought, in its foundation, as well as in itself and also in all of its parts, does not contradict itself anywhere!”

If, for example, your first thought were that you would like to build a house on a property somewhere, would you not imagine a house first in your imagination, and what it should be like? After you have built this house in your imagination, and you have had much pleasure doing it, would you not ask yourself if there might be possibilities of making this fantasy or dream house a reality? And if you do not want to build a house in the air, the second thought will show you the possibility of realizing your thought of building a house. With this you would agree on two points, and for this reason: That the first thought does not contain within itself a contradiction, and thus has already determined the second thought.

This is followed by the “how”; that means, through what means? The first main means is the possibility itself. The second means is the one with the purpose connected with its realization. The third means is the material and the energy required for the formation. If you now have everything collected, and you own the property, what could stop you from having your main thought become a visible reality? Behold, you will, in a very short time, physically see your thoughts permanently before you, since you have found all the conditions for their realization.

Now, if you look back at Me, the Eternal Main Carrier of Thoughts of Creation, which filled infinite space with countless great and artful buildings, the question must arise: From whence did the Great Master Builder take all the material for all these countless things?”

If you turned to a worldly scholar, he would say that matter is just as old as I am, and therefore is eternal. The only unexplainable circumstance would be: When did I actually begin? For I have managed infinity up to the present. Does not each and every object require a beginning? Ask yourself, too, if an infinite number can have a beginning after you have calculated one thing after the other. That, however, implies that I never began to create anything. If that were so, then where do the suns come from, the worlds, and all the countless other things? Behold, we cannot follow this kind of guidepost, because its first fundamental thought is full of contradictions, and, on account of this, the second and third, of their own accord, fall by the wayside.

Someone might say that I, with one word, brought about eternal chaos (!); and out of this I formed and put in order all these things. With one look, you must see the complete similarity between the first and the second statement. Then chaos would be different from an eternally, presently existing matter, and then I should not be a Creator, but only a craftsman. And how compatible would an eternal chaos be with My eternal order?

Whereas someone else might state that the matter and I are one and the same! This statement is not altogether without foundation. But there would be one thing that would not make much sense. Since you acknowledge Me as a spirit full of energy, might, and life, Who within Himself must be the greatest in all freedom, how then would this highest and freest of all spirits, full of energy and life, manifest Himself in life, and in powerless stones, and in other dead matter? But since these things and I are not one, and I, as God of Eternity, have created these things out of Me, within Me, and beside Me, it should be worth the effort to learn how those things were created.

Your thoughts are subject to an infinite number, just as you are yourselves (by the way, Oscar Vladislas de Lubicz Milosz, in his ‘Spiritual Testament’ called ‘The Arcana’, connects this state of mind, ‘mind which infinitely divides and multiplies’, to ‘the fall of Adam’) My thoughts, however, come into being in a moment in the greatest of clarity. Whenever I wish that My thoughts remain, the work is already accomplished. Therefore all the works that are visible to you, just like yourselves, are neither matter, nor are they formed chaos, nor are they God in matter, but they are thoughts of Mine, that I retained.

Are My thoughts that I retained, therefore, not out of Me, within Me, and next to Me? Out of Me, because you yourself cannot think other than out of yourself. How much less is that possible for Me, because besides Me there is no second god?

That these thoughts are within Me, and that it is impossible that they could be in someone else, does not require any proof. That these work thoughts exist next to Me, you may gather from the fact that, regarding your thoughts, you must admit that you and the thought are not one and the same. For this reason, also, My thoughts are not Me, but they are only My thoughts.

But whatever is not I is outside of the I. And since it is only what has been brought forth from the I, that is why it is next to the human. If you just think a little about this, then you will easily understand this bit of wisdom.’

Now, from this revelation we can acquire very certain and very sure idea how God created what He created (because it happens every day in our own world), and we can understand what does the ‘Word’ by which He created Universe means/represents, to wit, ‘Word’ is actually His ‘internal speech’ and more precise it is His ‘Creational Thought’.

This idea, actually correct understanding of it, is base and first step toward real understanding of this matter. Second step is understanding of influx and degrees of this process. There are of course three degrees in this process and they are clearly distinguished, to wit, ‘Why?’, ‘How?’ and ‘What?’. ‘Why’ belongs to Fathers love, ‘How’ belongs to His wisdom, and ‘What’ belongs to His act or deed, here Creation.

If understood correctly Doctrine of influx and degrees teaches us that ‘Why?’ rules, which means, ‘Divine Love of the Father’, or ‘His original purpose’ is all in all consequent degrees (‘Angelic love concerning Divine Love & Wisdom – 195’), moreover, without that ‘purpose’, which is generating impulse, all subsequent degrees will cease to exist, you know why, because they will be cut from their only life, from source of their energy, from ‘Why?’.

Now, Love, as fundamental principle of Divine Being, has its own nature, which again can be understood only when applied by the law of analogy to our own example, to wit, Love can be happy only when there is somebody else next to it so it can share or give itself completely. Without that love suffers greatly, because without loving somebody and being loved in return we cannot actually talk about love being happy and satisfied (‘True Christian Religion – 43-47’).

So, main urge inside of Divine Being ‘before’ creation was this urge, ‘love urge’ so to speak, and Jehovah God wanted to create a being (and consequently, beings) which will be able to receive and return above mentioned love impulse. He, so to speak, ‘imagined’ that being (and consequently, those beings) in His Mind, and than he calculated all possibilities by His infinite and all seeing wisdom, and than when calculations were acceptable to Him, actually to His love, He retained His thoughts, and He said ‘Let it be’.

So, we have easy understandable impulse which belongs to love, than we have ‘calculation’ which is generated by love, to wit, there is no other purpose in those calculations than to serve main impulse or purpose, and finally, when main impulse found suitable calculation, called here ‘Divine Providence’ ( =means/laws by which Divine love realizes itself or puts itself into effect), we have ‘creational act’ or ‘realization of Divine Love through Divine wisdom’.

It is important to note that laws of Divine Providence are created to serve main purpose of love, not the other way around, in another words, everything else is arranged in accordance with the first impulse of love, and it is still arranged that way because Divine Love is still the same as in the ‘beginning’ and ‘continuance in existence of Universe is nothing else but perpetual creation’ as Swedenborg teaches (see ‘True Christian Religion – 46’).

Now, what you dear S. and some other so called Swedenborgians (of course, not all of them lack emotion necessary to understand this obvious truth) want to say is that our Father, our Loving and extremely wise Father, while ‘calculating’ or ‘imagining’ His future Great Work saw 90% of his children how they eternally suffer in hell without any possibility to go out of it, and He said ‘Let it be!’ He said in his immense Wisdom which springs from his all-loving Fatherly Love, ‘I agree!’

I believe that there is no special need to explain here that He did fore-saw their future condition (Arcana Caelestia 3854:2, 3; 6487-6491)!!

Now, why don’t you pause for a while and put yourself in His position, imagine your own children, if you have them or if you are about to have them, and tell me, now when you imagining future for them, would you agree to pursue something in which they will suffer till the end of their lives. Tell me, if during that process of imagining you notice any, I mean any kind of unpleasant situation while imagining and calculating in your mind what you are going to do to PROVIDE FOR THEIR FUTURE, would you pursue that action or would you search and look for some better option to make them happy and by that make yourself happy?!

Now, when we, who are evil from the head down to the little toe, will never do that, I mean never ever you will let your own children to suffer and if there are any sufferings on the way you will rather suffer instead of them, than how come that you think that our Father, our loving Father Who is in Heaven, did retained those thoughts which as its end has eternal sufferings and misery of His Children?

Or, would you agree as a parent to future condition in which lets say 2 of your children will attain happiness and 8 of them will be unhappy till the end of their lives?! Would you enjoy and be relaxed and marry while feasting with those happy ones when 8 of your other children are greatly suffering?

Tell me, all of you, what kind of God and Father that would be who will agree upon that?!

‘If I had created My children for perdition and final destruction, would I, the eternally holy and endlessly wise God, have acted wisely in ever creating anything? I reckon even the densest and most wicked folly is hardly capable of such a deed, let alone I, Who am holy, eternal, infinitely wise and most loving God and Father of all My children.’        Feat: Lord Jesus Christ Jehovah, as received by His prophet and scribe J.Lorber and written in his book ‘The Household of God – 2/108:16, 17’

But fortunately He in His wisdom calculated and arranged these conditions little bit better than you think and little bit better than E.Swedenborg imagined. I will copy now again those passages from ‘Mighty to save – 2’ and I will paste them here with hope that this time your understanding will be enlightened enough from the Lord so you can grasp by yourself what is the difference between ‘eternal prison’ (actually we are talking here about ‘School for betterment of depraved souls’; ‘Says Roclus: ‘Lord and Master, since You have been good enough to explain such extraordinary things to me, I beg You to throw a little more light on the expression ‘Sheoula’. Say I: ‘Now then, listen! ‘She’, also ‘shei’ or ‘shea’, means: ‘he thirst’: ‘oul’, also ‘voul’ means ‘the in himself forsaken man’: one could say ‘the animal man’: ‘a’ – according to the consistency of the inner wisdom and cognition.’ The shape of the ancient Egyptian pyramids proves that this is the way the letter A has to be understood. The pyramids are large-scale copies of the brain pyramids and, as their name and their inner structure implies, used to serve the people as wisdom schools. For the meaning of ‘Pira mi dai’ is obviously: ‘Give me wisdom!’ Their inner structure was such that it forced the man who was completely isolated from outside world to contemplate his within, thus finding his innermost life-light. This is why it was always pitch-dark in the wide inner passages of such a pyramid, and not until man began to light up everything with his inner life-light did it become light. All this my sound strange to you but it is nevertheless true. For as soon as the inner vision on man’s heart is opened, there is no longer any night and darkness for him on earth. A downright proof, so to speak, are all the very sensitive people and those who are in an ecstasy. These are able to see with their eyes closed far more than a thousand people possessing the best, soundest and keenest eyes; for they see through the most solid matter, see easily through the whole earth, and they, the ecstatic people, can even penetrate the stars which are not beyond their reach. The way in which men could achieve the blissful state of ecstasy – and that finally whenever they want it – was taught and very actively practiced in the interior of the pyramids. Since the pyramids were serving that purpose, they were given the very appropriate and significant name of ‘She’oul a’. From this the ancient Hebrew derived his abbreviated Sheol, the Greek his Schole, the Roman his Schola and the Persian as well as the Indian his Schehol’; I can add here English School and German Schule; ‘Lord continues: The ancient sages well knew from their ecstatic visions that the very material souls who loved the world and themselves beyond measure, after the shedding of their body had to live in the beyond under very deplorable conditions, and they used to call this very lamentable state also ‘She oul a’ or hell.’ Lord Jesus Christ Jehovah, as received by His prophet and scribe J.Lorber and written down in his book ‘The Great Gospel of John – 5/72:1-7’) and ‘duration of the imprisonment’ (all quotations are from the direct revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ Jehovah through His scribe, J.Lorber):

“With all I have created, I could not possibly have more than one purpose in mind. Since I Myself am Eternal Life, I cannot ever have created beings destined for eternal death. Therefore, wherever it may occur, a so-called punishment can only be a means to a fundamental and principal end, not to an as it were diametrically opposed end. Therefore there can never be mention of an “eternal damnation”!

True, an “eternal death” is mentioned, which is an eternal, firm judgment, and this judgment arises from My eternal, immutable order. It is the so-called “fire of My wrath” or rather the “fire of the zeal of My will”, which naturally must remain forever thus immutable, or else everything created would suddenly be annihilated.

Whosoever lets himself be carried away by the world and its matter (which must of necessity be and remain under judgment, otherwise it were no “world”), is of course to be considered “lost” and “dead”, as long as he refuses to part with the matter under judgment. There must thus be an eternal judgment, and eternal fire and a so-called eternal death. 

However, from this it does not follow that an imprisoned spirit under judgment must remain imprisoned for the whole duration of this judgment, just as little as on earth, in a secure prison built by you, the prisoners should be sentenced for the whole duration of the prison.

Are not, visible to everyone, prison and imprisonment two different things? The prison is and remains forever and the fire of My zeal must never go out, but the prisoners remain only in the prison until their conversion and betterment!

By the way, in the whole Scripture there is not one syllable of an eternal repudiation or condemnation of a spirit to be found, but only of an eternal condemnation of the counter-order as compared to My eternal order, which latter is essential because nothing could exist without it. Vice, as dis-order or counter-order, is truly condemned forever, but the one indulging in it only for as long as he is doing so. Thus there is in truth also an eternal hell, but no spirit who because of his vice would be condemned forever to hell, but only until his betterment!

To be sure, I did say to the Pharisees: “Therefore, you will be condemned all the more! – but never: Therefore, you will be condemned forever!” Do you now understand your so dangerous-looking scriptural texts? Or is there still something you fail to understand?”

Says the spirit: “O Lord, I have again understood quite well what you said. But there is a single point in Scriptures which I fail to completely comprehend. It is the “chasm” in the parable of the poor Lazarus and the rich man…”

The Lord: … “Volenti non fit iniuria; he who wills it thus, suffers no injustice! – As for the chasm, it means again the unbridgeable gulf between My freest order in the heavens and its diametrically opposed counter-order in hell, thus the incompatibility of order and disorder, not a forever locked gate for the one who is in it.   Amen.’

 Lord Jesus Christ Jehovah, as received by His prophet and scribe J.Lorber and written down in his book  “From Hell to Heaven” (Guidance in the beyond of Robert Blum), Vol.2, Chap. 226/227’

And further:

“Since I am Myself Life Eternal, I can never have created beings destined for eternal death. A so-called punishment can then merely be a means in achieving the one main aim, never however a negative aim that as it were is inimical, and therefore there also can be no question of eternal punishment.” (as received by J.Lorber and written down in his ‘Gifts of Heaven’ II 226, 7).”

“There has to be eternal judgement, eternal fire and eternal ‘death’, for the sake of those who have been created. But it does not follow that a spirit caught up in judgement has to remain imprisoned for the same time as this judgement in itself occupies – just as on earth prisoners are not sentenced for the life-span of the prison.” (‘Gifts of Heaven’ II 226, 10).”

“O you fools! Is there such a thing as a father with any love at all for his children who would incarcerate a child that has erred against his commandments for life, and what is more, have it subjected to corporal punishment every day, for as long as it lives? But if an earthly father would not do such a thing, and being human he is after all fundamentally bad, how much less so would the Heavenly Father do this, being eternal and purest love and goodness.” (as received by J.Lorber and written down in his ‘The Great Gospel of John VI 243, 9’).”

And Further:

“Everything about a devil is fundamentally and utterly evil.” “If a devil were capable of genuine repentance, from the heart, he would not be a devil and would not be in hell. A devil therefore cannot ever reform from within, out of himself, but it is possible for this to happen over unimaginably long periods of time, through outside agencies.” “Because of this, the torments of the infernal spirits are always as though coming from outside …” (Great Gospel of John VII 93, 5-7) “Much is impossible even for the wisest of men that nevertheless is possible for God, through His love. Do you believe Me?” (as received by J.Lorber and written in his ‘The Great Gospel of John VI 242, 14’).’

‘In most cases further development will proceed “somewhat slowly, but that does not matter, for there can be no question ever of a soul being wholly lost … And even if due to very great indifference it may have been completely swallowed up by the opposite pole/hell – which indeed would be a very bad thing – yet after time has run its cycle this soul will have to put up with being put through yet another trial of the flesh, on this earth or also on another, for there are innumerable ones in infinite space, – without knowing or even having an inkling that it has already once before gone through a trial of the flesh. Nor would such knowledge serve it, as it would merely cause the soul to relapse again into its original evil ways and so the second trial of life would be purely in vain and to no purpose.” (The Great Gospel of John V 232, 2).’

‘In the great beyond, everything is harder and more troublesome than on earth, and for very many souls who have sunk too deep, away from My ordinance, it will take a length of time that in your terms is beyond imagining, until they shall have found the way to My eternal and unchanging order.” (The Great Gospel of John X 113, 2)’

“But even for such souls that have condemned themselves, I have told you (the apostles) two comforting things, firstly in the parable of the Prodigal Son and then in what I have told you, that in My Father’s House there are many dwelling places and to express Myself more clearly – very many houses of teaching and correction, where even the human devils who on earth are the most depraved, can be taught and made to mend their ways.” (The Great Gospel of John X 154, 10)


Now you know the truth and you cannot anymore excuse yourself that you are ‘blind’ or ‘ignorant’ of it (John 9:41).

                                                                                                                 May spirit of our Lord

                                                                                                                                Jesus Christ Jehovah

                                                                                                                                                Always be with you


Ps. Try to recall what E.Swedenborg did when Lord opened heavens and hells to him after which he perceived situation in Christian world in all its ‘beauty’. Did he or did he not exposed openly false doctrines, lets say one about ‘only faith which saves’!? Did he or did he not attempted to destroy it by sheding on it light of newly revealed doctrines of the New Jerusalem Church!? Did he or did he not sent his books, in which all of that was written, to priests, daekans, archbishops and all those who in his opinion were ‘worthy’ to read them!? And why he did that, you should ask yourself? Answer: ‘He did that because spirit of falsity needed to be exposed and destroyed, to wit, he did that because falsity is harmful for human souls! He did that because truth needed to be established and that for no other reason than because only truth was, is and always and forever will be beneficial for the salvation of the human souls!

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