Emanuel Swedenborg

‘Gospod mi je dozvolio istovremeno biti u duhovnom i prirodnom svijetu, i sa anđelima razgovarati kao sa ljudima, i na taj način se upoznati sa stanjima onih koji nakon smrti prijeđu u taj do sada nepoznat svijet. Razgovarao sam sa svim svojim rođacima i prijateljima, također sa kraljevima, vojvodama, i učenim ljudima nakon njihovog odlaska iz ovog života, i to neprestano u trajanju od dvadeset i sedam godina. Ja sam stoga u stanju, iz stvarnog iskustva, opisati stanja ljudi nakon smrti, i to onih koji su živjeli dobrim životima, kao i onih koji su živjeli opakim životima.’

Emanuel Swedenborg

‘Gospod mi je dozvolio istovremeno biti u duhovnom i prirodnom svijetu, i sa anđelima razgovarati kao sa ljudima, i na taj način se upoznati sa stanjima onih koji nakon smrti prijeđu u taj do sada nepoznat svijet. Razgovarao sam sa svim svojim rođacima i prijateljima, također sa kraljevima, vojvodama, i učenim ljudima nakon njihovog odlaska iz ovog života, i to neprestano u trajanju od dvadeset i sedam godina. Ja sam stoga u stanju, iz stvarnog iskustva, opisati stanja ljudi nakon smrti, i to onih koji su živjeli dobrim životima, kao i onih koji su živjeli opakim životima.’

He rose again with His WHOLE body (Romans 8:18-23!)…

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He rose again with His WHOLE body (Romans 8:18-23!)

‘As the Lord’s Human was glorified, that is, made Divine, He rose again after death on the third day with His whole body; which does not take place with any man; for a man rises again solely as to the spirit, and not as to the body.’          E.Swedenborg ‘Doctrine of the Lord – 35:9’

Dear S., good day, how are you?! 🙂

In your response to my small treatise about ‘absolutelly dead matter’ in E.Swedenborg’s writings you wrote:

Thanks for putting that onto the list, Lorens, it was wonderful to read.  Very clear and thought provoking.  I can’t say I understood it, but it almost didn’t matter.  I still learned a lot. S.

and I am glad that you liked what was written there… I mean, it is indeed amazing that 200 years ago when science was in it’s diapers (as far as I remember what I read earlier, people of that time were not even aware of the existence of the oxygen in the air) Jesus Christ revealed to someone such a precise knowledge about elementary particles… and their development…

This part only:

‘Lorber made surprisingly accurate statements as to the life span of elementary particles, statements that agree exactly with research findings in atomic physics. “Their life span”, Lorber wrote, “is one trillionth of a second” (Hi I, p. 83). The life span of the sigma particle S0 is given as 10-18 seconds by D. ter Haar, i.e. exactly a trillionth of a second. Following transformation into the next stage, Lorber gives a life span of a thousand billionth of a second (Hi 1, p. 83). The life of a neutral pion is in fact 10-15 seconds, i.e. a thousand billionth of a second. “The life span of these entities”, New Revelation says, “will have gradually increased to the thousand millionth part of a second.” (Hi I, p. 83). This, too, has been confirmed by D. ter Haar. The xi particle has a life of 10-9 seconds (= one milliardth of a second). Ford gives the same figure for lambda particles. As transformation progresses, the life span also increases, e.g. to 10-8, 10-6 and 10-3 seconds. A book by Kenneth W. Ford, a reading American scientist in the field of nuclear physics and elementary particle physics, provides illumination for Lorber’s statement that such transformations gave “one category after the other, almost the same in form”.

should be enough for anybody to take his prophecies very very seriously.


Not to mention that this Revelation of Jesus Christ also gives to us an very accurate report about other in that time completely uknown things… as for example ‘dual nature of light’, than ‘electro-magnetic waves’… also about ‘prehistoric men’… and, in epoch when people did not know yet about the existence of the planet Neptune, report about ‘birth of the cosmic matter’ or  ‘appearance of galaxies, suns and planets.’

Check for example this modern scientific find in relation to just mentioned Revelation of our Lord:

‘By the way, Lorber wrote that the earth was not ejected from the sun, but from the gigantic original central sun of our shelled globe. Word for word, he put it like this: “The situation as concerns this earth is a very strange one. It does belong to this sun, as a planet, but strictly speaking it is not of this sun the way the other planets are, but originally arose directly from the original central sun.” (The Great Gospel of John IV 106, 8 = this book for example, ‘The Great Gospel of John’, is day by day, hour by hour ‘documentary’ report of His three years active ministry…)

Some decades ago, astronomers accepted it as a matter of course that the earth derived from our sun. Today, it has become obvious that this theory is untenable. Scientists have now discovered the following: “The widespread view that the earth consists of material from the sun is erroneous. Our planet consists to more than 50% of heavy elements (iron, nickel, copper, zinc, lead, uranium, author) that are not to be found in the sun. The difference in chemical composition makes it seem impossible that the earth was originally a fragment of the sun. The temperature of the sun is much too low – and always has been so – to provide for the synthesis of the heavy elements that are the main constituents of our planet. The earth undoubtedly comes from another heavenly body, one that is at least ten times the size. Only a supergiant can evolve the heat required to gave birth to 92 elements, which our planet contains in their native state.” Once again, therefore, something considered absolutely established has been shown to be erroneous, and scientific opinion has come to be in agreement with the disclosures in the New Revelation.’

… as for me, personally, my soul is captured with the beauty of this particular part = ‘materialization’ of his great revelation every time I read and meditate about it… and light from it that is shed on the things in on our natural world is truly glorious.


Now, following ‘story of primal Creation of the spirits, their fall and formation of the material universe’, is in my opinion of extreme importance if, for example, we want to understand what in all truth means that above mentioned ‘total spiritualization of the Lord’s body’.

Once we understand that our ‘material creation’ is not ‘absolutely dead’ as E.Swedenborg speculates, i.e. that our material creation is nothing else but ‘the spiritual soul-substance under the judgment’, or ‘bound spiritual that groaneth and  travaileth in pain’ (Romans 18:18-23 = dear S., please read this text of mine very carefully and than, after that, read what Apostle wrote in his Epistle to Romans 18:1-23, and than tell me what do you think about ‘redemption of our body’ in relation to what is said about our Lord ‘Who rose with His WHOLE BODY’; also, what is your opinion about Eliah being taken into heaven with his whole body = 2 Kings 2:1-10… and also Enoch = Genesis 5:24; Hebrews 11:5?!; through Jakob Lorber we are told that this ‘redemption of our physical body-supstances’ is indeed possible even when we still live on Earth, but it is of course very rearly acheived because this kind of ‘redemption’ requires a very very high level of spirituality),

As received from Jesus Christ by His servant the prophetess Bertha Dudde,

Revelation nr. 8613, September 11, 1963


All My Creation works prove My endless Love to you, My unsurpassed wisdom and My ALL -Might. Because they originated solely for the rescue, for the bringing back of the once fallen spirituals. Therefore the whole Creation work is the expression of My overwhelming Love, because it was especially meant for those spiritual beings that opposed ME and who rejected My Love and thus were so to speak no longer worthy of My Love. Nevertheless it was just this rebellious spiritual that moved ME to build Creation-Works, so that they might give up their resistance and should re- turn to ME again.

At first Love paid no attention to the resistance, but took instead the fallen spiritual into custody, i.e., My wisdom and My might dissolved the beings into countless particles and My Love -Force enveloped them and transformed these once radiated Force into Creation-Works, and My Wisdom designed once more their destiny. To put a Creation-Work into existence, Love, Wisdom and Might were active without interruption. Therefore, was and is the Creation in the purest sense of the word, a divine Work, a testimony of ME in My BEING, and that should seem to you people as the greatest miracle, once you seriously meditate about it.

And this Creation, which is constantly changing, will remain a miracle because it deals not with lifeless things. The functions of the single Creation-Works proves to every thinking person a living GOD, full of Wisdom, Whose Will- Force and Love is inexhaustible, Whose Might is without limit, Who unceasingly Creates Forms that harbor the once fallen tiny particles that serve in the Creation-Works under the law of “must”. Because I wrenched this fallen spiritual from the domination of My opponent, of the might of that one who once caused its fall -whom it once followed voluntarily. It was indeed his, just because it followed him voluntarily, but he was deprived of all power over the spiritual, once My Life-Force changed it into matter. This spiritual being wrenched from the influence of My opponent was now subject to My Law. It was no longer free, because it had foregone its freedom. But for its own sake it has to serve in abound state, placed under My Law.

The whole Creation is a work of My Love for this fallen, unhappy spiritual being that travels the way in the Creation also in great grief. (Romans 8:19-22)

But once the fallen being has passed its way through the Creation and walks now as man over the Earth, then the Creation-Work is also apparent to him and he can be pleased with it, because he has gone beyond the state of grief; he sees the Creation in all magnificence, before him and it proves to him the Creator’s Love, Wisdom and Might as soon as he starts to give up his last resistance against ME.

But he himself is indeed partially free, but still exposed to the influence of My opponent, who previously had no power over the being. Man still belongs to My opponent until he has disengaged himself from him in free-will.

And thus you must rightly understand: My Creation can make humans happy and will do so because it is My work. -Only I used the Force that once radiated out of ME as being, to its origin, solely transforming the Force into the most varied Works of My Love and Wisdom -that it is however in its substance the fallen spiritual and therefore belongs to My opponent, and it will be his share until the fallen spiritual, entirely redeemed has returned to ME. You people do not see the “fallen” in the Creation…, but you see only the Works of My Love. And you may enjoy those, you may recognize MYSELF therein and you may consider yourself happy that you have already covered the way through the Creation and are close to your perfection.

But you should also think thereon, that the real world is a spiritual one, that can only be seen by one with spiritual vision, that all that is visible to you is only the reflected splendor of this real spiritual world. You should think thereon that each matter is hardened spiritual substance and that this indurations was again only the consequence of the resistance against ME, the rejection of My Love-Force. Then you will understand that the earthly substance is spirituality in rebellion against ME, and that My Love and Wisdom induced it to a serving function in order to break its resistance and lead the spirituality back to its Ur-state.

The apostasy of the beings from ME produced the hardening of the spiritual substance and therefore it belongs to My opponent until this substance is again spiritualized.

That does not prevent ME from taking away his power over this spirituality and transforming it into Creations of all kinds, with the purpose of its final, voluntary withdrawing from him and return to ME. And so remains the Creation forever a divine Work, a Work of My endless Love and Wisdom that only I MYSELF could bring into existence. In ME dwells all Might and Force and I can realize everything that My Love and Wisdom want, and has recognized as successful.  AMEN

than it is truly easy to understand what is the purpose of it and in what manner it should be treated!

I would also love to hear, because you said nothing about it in your answer, what is your opinion about those ‘absolutely dead matter’ part’s in E.Swedenborg’s revelation that I mentioned in my last treatise.


Now, as to this part of your short answer   ‘I  can’t say I understood it…’

Let us try again but this time with little bit more informations 🙂 :

We learn from the Lorber writings that God, feeling a need for the company of loving, feeling and active beings, created at the beginning of our period of creation from His countless substantial thought-forces, the ‘primordial elements’ or ‘elemental life sparks’, a number of great spirit beings similar to His own divine archetypal form. He endowed certain particularly vigorous life-sparks with the power to attract as mighty ‘power-centres’ countless other life-sparks from the Creator’s great aboundance and to unite with them to a collective intelligence, a living spirit being. These great ‘primordial spirits’, in accordance with the will of God, thereupon called into existence within their life-spheres countless minor spirits. And thus, gradually, infinite space was populated.

In ‘The Great Gospel of John’ the Father of Light says this: ‘Do you think that without beings in My image, who recognize and love Me, My endless, eternal perfection of life would be of any use and make Me happy? No, it would not! My own supreme bliss also lies in seeing My countless still imperfect little children grow in their cognition and perfection and their consequent activity. Their joy over a laboriously achieved, more perfected ability is also My constant joy. And My infinite perfection becomes so inestimably valuable only when the still dependent little children keep striving after it more and more, showing clearly how it is growing within them. If this were not so, do you think I would ever have created a world and any living beings upon it? All this has already from eternity been an indispensable need for Me without which there would never have been created and earth populated with all kinds of beings.’

Education of the Spirits to Independence and Godlikeness

The need of the Deity for loving and sharing beings could be satisfied solely by completely free and independent beings, as much as possible equal to God, and not by merely apparently free puppet-like creatures who every moment of their existence depended on God. For in the un-free creature the Spirit of God Himself is thinking, feeling, willing and acting. And in the same way as our arms and legs cannot be companions to us, this cannot be for the Deity with mere ‘puppets’.

Therefore, the Lord of Life had to create for Himself images of His own completely free and independent spirit person if He wanted to gather around Him true, loving and happiness-giving life, thereby enhancing His own most clearly aware Being.

In view of this great reasoning and purpose of the creation of spirits it was necessary for these children of God not to be created by a single word of the Creator all at once already perfected, i.e., in the state of full godlike independence and perfection. Only a gradual development, a growing from something small, dependent and imperfect, and a gradual, laborious maturing of the beings to godlike perfection, could give the Creator as well as His created beings that lasting happiness of give and take and those tensions and releases of life-activity which are the basic prerequisites to true bliss.

Thus the Lord says in ‘The Great Gospel of John’: ‘If I had made every spirit’s nature such that he would be perfect already from the outset without his own effort, what practice of living and independent progress could still be imaginable for him? For what activity could such spirits eventually be used? As far as the essential freedom of action is concerned, even the tress of the forest would then be better off than a man already from birth perfected in every respect.’

Therefore, the primordial spirits were created by God in such a way that they could attain to true complete independence and godlikeness only gradually through a loving, wise and effective education and by their own effort, and that by voluntary acceptance of the basic law of the diving kingdom of life: ‘Love God above all and your fellowman as yourself!’ – Only in this holy order of God was – and is forever – a peaceful existence of an undivided realm of life conceivable.

Lucifer’s Fall and the Origin of Matter

In volume 2, chapter 231 of ‘The Great Gospel of John’ we read: ‘The original period during which God began to form the first spirits from His thoughts and ideas and make them independent lasted for almost countless aeons. So much happened during this immensely long time in order that the free will of he primordial spirits might be perfected! And yet there were at the end of this endlessly long educational period still many who, although they did understand God’s paths to a proper development, had no intention of voluntarily walking these paths. For the sake of a sooner to achieve benefit – which however was only of short duration – they strayed from the prescribed path of God’s order and entered upon the road to their ruin.’

The first one who took this disastrous step was the greatest of the primordial spirits, called the ‘Light bearer’, or in the Latin of the monks ‘Lucifer’. In this principal primordial spirit, in this ‘great rallying spot’, says the Lord (The Household of God – 3/27’ J.Lorber), was all the so far from God emanated essential light (life) concentrated, ‘so that within him the abundance of beings that had gone forth might freely mature under the beams of My constant grace, contemplated and enjoyed by Me and also contemplating Me out of the love-light I had bestowed upon him.’

When this first spirit had not reached even a quarter of his maturity (The Household of God – 3/22:20’ J.Lorber), he began to resist the order of God. And instead of humbly loving his Creator and Preserver above all and also respecting all his brothers, he and with him all his subordinate spirits – gave way to the inherent propensity of self-love and sank into utter self-conceit and egotism.

However, since no life can exist on the foundation of merciless self-love, this turn had the most disastrous consequences for the great light-spirit and his adherents. By turning away from God they deprived themselves of the nourishing streams of life which flow from God as from a sun to all beings. Their abilities dwindled, their spirit-being shriveled up, as it were, became solidified and their entire sphere of life sank into a deathlike torpor and decay. Thus etheric light-beings turned into seemingly inanimate stuff of the world, the primitive fog of matter (it shows how through lost of warmth visible misty clouds arise from invisible steam). For the primordial spirits this was a terrible change, a horrific judgment. – However, the divine Creator did not disown and forsake His erring creatures. His fatherly love showed mercy to the fallen. And from the countless primordial fog-clouds of matter His wisdom and might, with the help of the countless still faithful primordial spirits, He formed the entire material world as a marvelous new order for further great, truly divine purposes of development and salvation.

Creation of the Visible Universe – a Materialization#

In ‘The Great Gospel of John – 4/105’ the Lord says: ‘Behold, just as now people have become so material through self-love, arrogance and the therefrom resulting lust for power that for many thousands of years they will be unable to free themselves from this completely, – there were once also primordial spirits who, because of the impulse they had bee endowed with, had become too egotistic selfish, proud and finally tyrannical. As a result of this they changed into matter.

The separated into principalities and took up positions in, for you unimaginably great distances, each one averse to hearing, seeing or having any contact with another one, concentrating solely on their self-love. Through more and more passing into self-love and the thereby increasingly awakened arrogance and lust for power the countless life-forms – by the law of gravity* – contracted to an immense lump, and the material primordial central sun of a shell globe** had come into being.

(*i.e., the mutual mass attraction. Although the Luciferian spirits in their boundless self-conceit fled from each other, every spirit needs for his existence the in other spirits accumulated life-energies out of God, so to speak, as nourishment. ‘Know this’, we read in ‘The natural sun’ (chapter 73) ‘that every spirit of whatever kind needs for his continuance a nourishment, without which he would weaken progressively and  fell into an unconscious, sleep-like state.’ In order to obtain this nourishment from each other, their self love drove the spirits again together. –  These phenomena of the repulsion due to self-conceit and attraction resulting from greed and hunger for life, we can observe as mental-spiritual fundamental attributes also in mortals. They are spiritual fundamental attributes of all created beings, particularly those originating from Lucifer. In the natural sciences they are called centrifugal and gravitational force. From a spiritual viewpoint, these laws of nature, which seem so incomprehensible to materialistic thinkers, are easy to understand. Thus, Jakob Lorber’s prophetic writings have given a remarkable revelation and clarification to the natural sciences.

**Shell globes are, according to Lorber, those immeasurably great creational units (with a primordial central sun and countless subordinate solar systems) out of which the entire creation is built like a cellular structure. Also science has recognized in our galaxy a boundlessly great creational unit.)

In infinite space there is a countless number of such shell globes in every one of which a primordial central sun serves countless universes as a centre (this has been full confirmed by more recent scientific discoveries). These primordial central suns are actually those shrunken primordial spirit principalities from which gradually all the other galaxies, secondary central suns, planetary suns, planets, moons and comets have gone forth. How did this happen?

In the primordial central sun (in all the shell globes) the pressure became too mighty for many of the great spirits. They ignited, glowing in their rage, freed themselves from the pressure and fled to vast distances away from their initial conglomerate. For a while they floated in space, freely and harmlessly by themselves, without restraint, showing an inclination to pass voluntarily into the purely spiritual order. However, unable to rid themselves of the element of self-love, they began once more to shrink into a solid body, and thus central suns of the second order came into being in one or the other of the countless shell globes.

In these central suns of the second order, too, the principal spirits became angry, because of the increasing pressure, ignited and freed themselves in countless masses from the second conglomerate. They again showed an inclination to pass into the spiritual, but since in a while they were again very pleased with themselves, their material weight kept growing and they also shrunk into great lumps which became central suns of the third order.

Soon the same happened as with the former central suns. The higher spirits, as the ones fewer in number, were gradually too mightily pressured by the still countless subordinate spirits. They soon became enraged again and in great numbers tore themselves away with great force from the mutual lump with the firm intention now at last to pass into the pure spiritual. For ages they floated in the vast spaces of creation as separate etheric vaporous masses. They enjoyed this freedom, remembering the mighty pressure thy had had to bear. However, in this inactive freedom they eventually became hungry and began to seek nourishment in space, thus, satiation from an external source. This they had to find, and they did (in other scattered vapourous masses of matter). For, desire is like a magnet which attracts all iron and minerals containing iron with irresistible force. And what was the consequence? They, too, began gradually to solidify, soon also self-love arose and the inevitable consequence was the shrinking into a mutual lump. This, of course, took always countless earth-years.

However, what are eons of time before the eternal God? A seer of antiquity said: ‘A thousand years are like a day before God!’ I tell you: A thousand times thousand years are hardly a moment before God. To an idler, out of boredom, hours become days and days – years. To the diligent and always active person, hours become moments and weeks – days. And God is from eternity incessantly active with an endless zeal, and as a result what for you are eons, must seem just like moments to Him.

From the last mentioned shrinkage there grew, and are still growing today, the planetary suns like the one shining upon your Earth. Although this type of suns is much milder and gentler than the central suns, they still carry an immense mass of heavy matter as a consequence of the self-love of their eon times eons of spirits. In time the nobler and better spirits within this fire-ball find the pressure from the lower spirits, which have become all matter, again too heavy and unbearable. The result is the same as with the previous suns: Violence, eruptions upon eruptions, and the nobler spirits free themselves. Now there awakens within them the already quite serious will to pass into the pure spiritual by complying with the true order of God. Many conquer their innate urge to disobey and become primordial angels without first having to go through a life in the flesh.

However, some spirits principalities, having escaped from the planetary suns with the best intentions, do not succeed in completely freeing themselves from self-love and begin gradually to once more follow the original impulse placed into them. They soon become materially visible as vaporous comets with a long tail. What doest the tail mean? It shows the hunger of the solidifying spirits and their great desire for material satiation. This desire draws suitable material nourishment from the ether and such a comet, as a conglomerate of spirits that have become very material, then wanders about in the vast ether-space for many thousand of years seeking nourishment like a ravening wolf. But through this imbibing and devouring the comet becomes denser and heavier. Eventually it is again attracted by the sun from which it has escaped insofar as it has to begin a regular revolution around it. Once it has to submit to such an order, it becomes a planet like this Earth, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and others of this kind.’

# Nature offers an analogy that may make the transformation of spirit into matter easier to understand also for a lay person. A frozen pond consists of ice, which is very hard; in spring, the ice dissolves into soft water; in the summer heat the pond dries up and the water is visible in form of a delicate cloud. The cloud, too, dissolves, into hydrogen molecules, and nothing is then visible to the eye. The following autumns and winter the whole process occurs in reverse order. Out of “nothing” apparently, a hard form of matter is again created. These progressive changes in the states of aggregation of matter border on the miraculous. Yet they seem in no way absurd to us, and we take them so much for granted that we hardly ever gave them a thought. We consider the many marvellous processes occurring in nature not worth our attention, because we see them all the time and cannot deny them, even though we are unable to grasp them. Should we assume that God’s creative powers come to a stop at the point where our ability to understand reaches its limits?

“Those who believe”, New Revelation says, “will have many miraculous things revealed to them. The unbeliever is beyond help or guidance. In vain he looks into My great workshop of life with his blind eyes. I tell you: he will find nothing but the excrement of death, for life is of the spirit, and no microscope will make it possible to eavesdrop on it in its sphere of activity.” (Jakob Lorber, Heavenly Gifts I p. 94, 7)

Earth and Moon

‘As far as the earth is concerned, the circumstances are quite peculiar. As a planet the earth belongs to this our planetary sun, but actually it has not, like all the other planets, gone forth from this sun, but has originally come into existence out of the primordial central sun (of our shell globe) and is, therefore, incalculably older than the planetary sun (of our shell globe) and is, therefore, incalculably older than the planetary sun. Yet it began to become a solid body (i.e., solidified matter) only long after our planetary sun had – as a developed globe – begun its first revolution around its central sun. However, then the earth attracted its material substance mainly from this planetary sun.’ (The Great Gospel of John – 4/106’ J.Lorber)

Similar to how the other globes originated from their mother worlds, the moons were finally born out of the planets. We learn about the coming into existence of our moon: ‘Many thousand times thousands of earth years ago, the earth was much heavier and its spirits were badly pressurized. Thereupon the grosser spirits became enraged, separated from the earth with much grossly material mass and for many thousands of years swarmed around the earth in a most disorderly path. But since all parts of the moon, except for a few lumps, were still soft and half liquid and the entire mass was in constant rotation, the whole eventually formed into a large sphere.

Now you have learnt how the material creation has come into existence – right to the planets and moons which almost everywhere have the same characteristics and serve the same purpose.’   (The Great Gospel of John – 4/107’ J.Lorber)

Structure of the material creation

In ‘The Great Gospel of John – 6/245), received through Jakob Lorber, the Lord give some learned Jews and Romans the following overwhelming picture of the wondrous structure of creation:

‘The Earth is by no means a small globe, and the sun is about a million times larger than the Earth. But already the central sun of the next magnitude is more than a million times larger than the sun of this Earth and has a greater volume than all the thousand million planetary suns, with their earths, moons and comets taken together, which revolve with great velocity in, for you, inconceivably extensive paths around such a central sun. And yet, especially the most distant ones need often a million earth years to just once complete their path and arrive again at the original spot. Such a group of celestial bodies is called a solar region (galaxy).

Now there is another type of central suns around which revolve in endlessly greater paths entire solar regions (galaxies) with their central suns. The most distant ones already need an eon of earthly years to orbit but once around this central sun. Such a second central sun, around which whole solar regions (galaxies) with their suns revolve, we shall call, including their millions of solar regions (galaxies), a solar universe (super galaxy).

Imagine and equally large number of such solar universes. They again have at an immeasurable depth and distance, inconceivable to human understanding, a common central sun which, as a celestial body, is ten million times larger than the solar universes that revolve around it in immeasurably extended circles. Let us call this third central sun a solar universal universe (super super galaxy).

Of these there is a for you incalculable number, and all of them, at an unfathomable depth, have a gigantic primordial central sun around which they revolve as one body, without disturbance of their own movements, in a path measurable only for angelic spirits. Such a system of solar universes around a primordial central sun we shall call a shell globe, for all the above mentioned universal universes, revolving in all directions around the primordial central sun, form an enormous sphere. Due to their fast-as-thought revolution and the resulting projectile force, they form a kind of shell with a density equaling that of your atmosphere and a diameter which exceeds by far a million of eons.’

Shell globes as cells of Creation

‘Here the learned Jews and Romans say: Lord, the overwhelming magnitude of Your creation makes our head swim! Can even an angel ever perceive and comprehend it?’ Says the Lord: ‘Of course, for otherwise he would not be an angel. But there is still much more. So far I have shown you hardly one point of the magnitude of My creation. – We have come to the great shell as the common envelopment of all the countless universal universes. How this shell is formed I have already told you. But why is it formed?

Behold, every whole as such, from the largest to the smallest, has a covering or skin for the protection of its ingenious inside. It also serves the important purpose of absorbing from the inner mechanism of an animate body all that is impure and unsuitable for organic life and draining it to the outside from where it again draws purified vital nourishment which it conveys to the inner life mechanism of the body. This should explain to you why I call such a unit of universal universes a shell globe.

However, do not ask about the size and diameter of such a shell globe. For human calculations a figure could not ever be imagined by which, based on the standard measurement of the distance from earth to sun, these eons of expanses could not be determined.

Such a shell globe is actually only a single spot in the vast space of My creation. Now imagine outside the shell or outer skin of such a globe the vast, endless space as completely empty, and that to such an extent that with the keenest eyes one might detect of the neighbouring shell globe but a tiny dot of light and another one in the opposite direction which is a shell globe also. That would give you an idea as to the distance between two shell globes of the same magnitude, which is so immense that it makes them appear as hardly noticeable shining dots.

The great cosmic man

‘Of such shell globes the endless spaces of creation holds a number inconceivable to the keenest human understanding, all of which form in their entire outline, in accordance with God’s order, a complete man. What must the size of this great cosmic man be if already a single shell globe (corresponding to a cell in the human body) is so immense and the distance of one shell globe from he next is even eon times greater! But also this cosmic man, like every shell globe, is surrounded by a kind of etheric skin which is, of course, considerably denser than that of a shell globe, but serves generally the same purpose.

Beyond this cosmic man there extends infinitely in all directions the free ether space through which this man, driven by My will, flies in an endlessly vast circle with, for you, inconceivable speed. This is because of the nutrient from the endless sea of ether through which he swims like a fish. But since in the free ether-space there is neither an above nor below, and no being can fall anywhere, this man is standing quite as firmly in space as are this earth, its sun and all the eons upon eons of suns in a shell globe.’

The Prodigal Son

In Lorber’s noteworthy work which describes the spiritual development in the beyond of the well-known freedom fighter Robert Blum, this spirit entity is allowed, for the sake of his enlightenment, to see the great cosmic man from a considerable distance (R.Blum – from hell to heaven – 2/301). – ‘How very peculiar!’, he exclaims. ‘That is a perfect human form – the knees slightly bent, the hands hanging quite powerless and the head, with long Absalom hair, bent forward as if in grief, gazing into the bottomless depth. The loins are covered with a tattered-looking cloth; in short, the entire figure produces a melancholy impression. The enormous size could give one the idea as if this were the outer form of the universally active spirit out of you, o Lord. But the atmosphere of melancholy tells me that this cannot be the case. Besides, there should be life in Your Spirit, of which there isn’t a trace in this huge figure. Probably it is only a phosphorescence breathed onto the boundless firmament through your might. And all this will have its important purpose which, except for You, no one knows.’

When taken together, the viewer describes his impressions with the words: ‘Now I see how the entire enormous figure, which seems to fill almost all the depths of infinite space, consists of countless densely-strewn minute, glittering grains of sand. The number of these glittering dots is practically endless, at least no created spirit could imagine it. Now the entire figure gives a much better impression, for the glittering bestows upon it a peculiar nimbus of majesty.’

Hereupon the Lord tells him: ‘This man is in his entirety the primordial spirit whom Scripture calls Lucifer (light bearer). He is still in full possession of his self-conceit, but no longer of his original power. He is imprisoned and under judgment in all his parts. There is but one road open to him, and that is the road to My fatherly heart. For every other he is under judgment and as good as dead, unable to move a foot or a hand even by hair’s breadth.

And what looks to you like glittering grains of sand are all shell globes, in each of which are contained decillions upon decillions of suns and in addition to that a millionfold more planets, moons and comets.’

Judgment and conversion of the fallen Spirit of Light

It is this spirit’s judgment that he is now separated into all these solid globes. And his life, which thereby is now divided into almost countless separate parts, is no longer whole, but must be regarded as a considerably divided one. For there is life only within every globe, outside of it there is no other life than that of My forever immutable divine will. Every shell globe is fixed and cannot change its position toward the neighbouring globes by a hair’s breadth.

Low down, in the left small toe you notice a slightly reddish-glittering dot. This is the shell globe in which our natural earth is situated. And the entire life of this greatest primordial spirit is now banned onto this spot – the Earth – within this particular globe.

If he is willing to humble himself and return to Me, his original life shall be released, and this great man will then be as if pervaded by a perfectly free life. However, if this primordial spirit of My creation wishes to persist in his most arrogant self-will, this present order shall remain unchanged until all matter will have dissolved into a new, endlessly more abundant life of the souls and spirits. The latter order shall continue also if the primordial great spirit should return to Me. For, now he can only humiliate himself and change as a quite ordinary spirit and hast to voluntarily surrender forever his original totality. Thereby he would then have gained an endlessly greater, but, as for every other human spirit, outwardly quite simple rank of a child of God.

Then the shell – and husk system, which has its existence solely through My forever immutable will, shall remain – without the present soul- and spirit life – as firm foundation and as an eternal monument to our great work, followed by new, pure spiritual creations.’


Well, dear S., that would be all from me for now….

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(June 3, 2008)

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